Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Star Is Born

Lyric had her Banfield photo shoot yesterday.  It went really well and was pretty fun.  And food was served so that always makes it worth it right?

Anyway, there were several scenes shot the day we were there.  All the dogs got to do some shots in the mock clinic and also some fun, candid photos.  By the way-they used actors/models for the vet and the tech.  If I worked for Banfield I would be offended by this.  But that's not the point.  Lyric got to do scenes with the "vet" and "family," also some with just the "vet."

Then there were some scenes were they only used one dog.  Lyric got picked for all of these!  Words like favorite, perfect, fabulous, too easy,  and so much quality were used to describe my little star and her photos.  She really knows how to ham it up for the camera. She got to model having her teeth brushed, having topical flea meds applied, getting brushed, and playing with a teenage girl.  All the cast and crew and modeling agent loved her.  Hopefully we will get to more shoots for other things!

They said it would take several months but then you can start looking for her at a Banfield near you!  She could be in literature, the website, posters, signs, etc.

For legal reasons I couldn't take or post any photos. But you can see here what she did when we got home. I guess it's not easy being beautiful.


Karissa said...

So much fun! I tried to get my dogs into the modeling gig and nothing ever panned out. I'm not surprised Lyric is such a star - she's so cute!

Diana said...

Hey thats so cool. I can say, "I knew her when.." LOL

tervnmal said...

That's very cool!