Thursday, February 21, 2013


While much of the state is gettting a foot of snow or more, we got this.
About a 1/4 inch of ice fell overnight followed by an inch of sleet this morning.

I had already reecheduled my surgeries for monday so I got to stay home.  Jerry worked from home as well.  There is a local AKC trial starting at 6 tonight and even though they are going to have it I am going to pass on this evening's events.  It might not be too bad now but after the refreeze at sundown it might be.  Plus-even a heated barn is going to be quite cold tonight and I only have Lyric entered since it's excellent only today.  I don't think she will mind.

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tervnmal said...

Hope you stayed safe with the ice. I HATE ICE! We got about 6" of snow, enough to keep me home from today's agility trial. We'll try it tomorrow. Meteorological spring starts March 1. I'm looking forward to it!