Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day 3 Highlights

Lyric continues to muddle along.  I think she finds the long days, warm weather and extended weekend a bit much.

The redness around my bite has spread but is less sore and the inciting wound seems to be healing.

The dogs are still getting fleas but hopefully they are dying.  Lyric is itchy.  I gave her a prednisone tablet this morning.

Team Furever Young (Legend, another border collie and an aussie) took 7th place in Round 1 of the veteran team competition yesterday.  Today they took first place in Round 2!

I was interviewed for The Agility Show-which is sort of like a reality TV show about agility.  I don't know anyone who has watched it as it's on kind of an obscure cable channel.  I don't think we get it but now I will have to check. I hopefully did not sound like an idiot.

Legend had her first fault in Round 5 this morning-an off course that may come back to haunt us later.  But then she came back to totally rock Round 6 for 2nd place!!  So  now with one round to go, according to my calculations, and assuming that 4 dogs (25%) of our group make the finals she currently sits in 5th place and a mere 3 points out of 4th.  Basically she will need to run clean and have another dog make an error as the dogs ahead of her are all faster.  Or she can make an error and have something disastrous happen to another dog.  No matter what though we are ecstatic to have had such an amazing trial and be this close.  I never expected that we would be in this position.

If there is a cloud 9, I think I'm on it!

Team round 3 and regular round 7 are on tap for tomorrow!

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Diana said...

Yay so happy for you! Never heard of the TV show. I will have to check.