Friday, September 20, 2013

No change.

I'm still here. But nothing new to report. I work, track, and run. Repeat daily. More or less. I had a day off this week (have I mentioned I'm booked through the end of may) which was a rarity. As it was my only day off it was filled with errands, appointments, and a long run. Thursday I only worked a half day, scrapped my run and took a nap instead. FYI border collies don't always seem to understand the nap concept. 

Anyway, the dogs worked some. Legend seems to either be getting tracking or else she is getting that walking straight lines with her nose to the ground is worthwhile. I guess time will tell. 

Cade has now also done the tire and the tunnel with a curve. Plus jumps and table.  He's still uninterested in contact equipment. I don't know if I should (if I happen to have time) try to work with him in it or just leave that up to the new owner. They may not want to do agility. Or they may want to teach him a certain way. On the flipside, it's a good confidence builder. If someone would just adopt him it would be better!

In other news NADAC champs are right around the corner! We will be leaving Wednesday and I have a huge list of things to get done before then. Hopefully I won't forget to pack anything. Like the team shirts. That would be bad. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates like this one. (Just kidding-they MIGHT get better than this!)

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Karissa said...

I have always tried not to go overboard with agility training on short-term dogs. Like you say, you never know if their next owner will pursue agility, or if they end up in an experienced home that person may train completely different than you or I. I'd stick with what you are doing because it's good for him, but I wouldn't stress over bigger stuff like contacts and weaves unless you find yourself with a ton of time on your hands. :o)

And speaking of time -- so little left until Champs!!!! Eeek!