Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 4...a day late

Legend made finals!

We rolled in the driveway at 11:30 last night. 

By 8:30 this morning I was back at work. 

I am halfway unpacked. 

Legend went back to tracking tonight. 

Details and pictures of the whole trip coming soon!


Diana said...

Yay, congrats!!

Karissa said...

I had the drive home to decompress yesterday and I still thought that coming to work today sucked big time. :o) Kudos to you for working Wednesday, running Thursday-Sunday and then working again on Monday! But sheesh, girl, I hope you've scheduled yourself a day off here soon! I have nothing the next two weekends and I am so thankful... Can't believe how many of my friends are trialing this weekend already. I tried that in 2011 and it didn't go well. Now I know better (for me and my dogs, at least).

Nicki said...

Yep-had today off thank goodness. It's only a 5 hour drive home but I hadn't anticipated making the finals or we would have been home as a semi-decent hour. But it's a good problem to have a guess. Probably sucked for my travel companion though!

We are not trialing again until november!