Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New career path?

For Legend, that is.  Legend loves tracking.  Like the way other border collies love agility.  She drags me to the start article and takes off.  Plus, she seems like she's getting the hang of it so she might even be good at it too!  Today was only our second day working on turns and she seems to be getting it pretty easily.  I thought  they would have us lay more food down at the turns but we don't put any down around the turn.  I guess by this time they are supposed to have the idea and figure it out on their own.  And so far, so good.  It's pretty cool to watch them work all the directions and then see it obviously click when they find the track again.

I thought she would be excited about stopping to play with the glove at the end but usually I have to stop and get her interested in it because she would rather be looking for the start of the next track.  Who knew?

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Sara said...

That's cool!

We should all probably try a few dog sports, because you never know what your dog is going to REALLY love.