Sunday, June 7, 2015

Along Came Polly

Actually, along came Cleo, but we'll get to that.

When I got to work Thursday I saw on the treatment board that we had taken in an owner surrender rescue dog.  When I asked about it the girls said it was paralyzed in the hind end and I assumed a Dachshund.  But in reality it was a puppy who had been left for an unknown amount of time in a crate outside in the rain.  With no one to help her she took matters into her own  hands and tried to escape.  But got stuck.  We don't know how long she was trapped but when she arrived at the vet clinic she was pretty much unable to move her hind end at all.

When I went to look at "Cleo" I found it was not just any puppy, but a happy, playful, toy-loving, everything-kissing black and white puppy who was cute as can be.  And partially paralyzed.

We had not really planned on having a foster dog for awhile, with our exchange student Nadin arriving in just a few months we figured we would have a full enough house.  But this pup needed physical therapy and exercise to help her if she was going to recover.  Spending almost 24 hours a day in a cage at the clinic with limited time for people to work with her was a good way to wind up permanently crippled and euthanized.

So I packed her up and took her home.  On  the way home I decided she needed a new name for her new start in life and "Pollyanna" seemed a perfect fit.

She has made a bit of progress since she's been here.  She moves her left leg more than her right but can move both if she wants to.  If there is good traction she will make some walking motions and even try standing although she mostly always still has her feet knuckled over.  But when she sits she is starting to flip them over more often.  Other than that she is a normal, sassy, playful puppy.  Loves toys, soft beds and playing with other dogs.  Also chewing.  On hands, toes, feet, whatever she can reach.  And of course she is ridiculously cute.  Hopefully she continues to make progress, even if it's slow, to a full recovery and finds a great home!


Diana said...

Wow, what is wrong with people???? I just don't understand them. Thanks for helping this puppy. Hopefully everything turns out well.

Elizabeth said...

Glad you have her and yes she is sooo cute..