Saturday, June 27, 2015

First 5k

It's late June and I finally ran my first 5k of the year (other than the color "run").  In fact, the only other races I've run this year were a 10k in Feb and the half-marathon in April.  And we didn't run particularly hard in the 10k as we had dogs with us.  So this was really my first "racing" race of the year.  And I wasn't expecting much based on my recent mileage (both quantity and quality).  But running most of those miles on the hilly roads near the house must have counted for something because I managed a 25:28 which was much better than I expected.

The race was the Duck Waddle here in Ozark where they have traditionally given watermelon or candy instead of medals or trophies.  This the first year for trophies, and the first year I didn't win my division. I took second place-just three seconds behind first.  But after a 7:45 last mile I couldn't complain.  That was the best I could do!  But it inspired me to think I can do even better once I start getting in more and better training.  Which may or may not happen-just never know.  All we can do is keep trying.

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