Monday, June 15, 2015

GOAL Trial #1

Because we are a bit crazy our NADAC club decided to host two trials this summer, approximately 1 month apart.  This weekend was the first of those two.  By all accounts it seemed to go pretty smoothly and we only had 8 fewer runs than our regular July trial last year.  So if our July trial is as popular this year as it typically is, then the club should do quite well!

Since we decided to do a worker raffle only and just use club money to buy gift cards for prizes, the raffle organization was a snap.  This left me free to pick up the job of chief ring steward.  I must say, between set-up, tear down, keeping three dogs walked and watered, doing 20 runs, socializing the puppy and keeping volunteers rounded up I barely had time to enjoy myself!  Next trial I should have a lighter (slightly) work load.  But I did tell our president and trial chair I could only commit to one trial next year.  I don't  want to be stuck giving up another three day weekend working my butt off for other to people to have fun while I'm wishing i was sleeping in or at a nosework trial!

Anyway, the dogs did pretty well. Lyric ended up 4/8 with an especially killer tunnelers run. And Legend went 6/12 but failed to get a TNG Q which means we will be one, if not two short for champs.  Fortunately you can typically get in without all the points.

Polly was a big hit, but didn't get adopted.  She is doing better and better all the time.  She met lots of new friends and had a really great time.  

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Diana said...

I think most people who go to trilas have not idea how hard it is to run the trial. Its a lot of hard work, from set up to break down. This will be my last time as trial chair. We cant find anyone to do it. I had already hired the judges for Sept., so I said I would do it. So I havent haired anyone for the Spring since no one wants to be trial chair.