Thursday, June 25, 2015

The last lilies

These are the last of my lilies to bloom.  They have been very pretty but don't last long enough.  I do have quite a few things still blooming in my pots so the house looks plenty colorful.

In other news I have a few busy weeks of work and then will be off to Boston for a CE conference and chance to visit with my New England friend who scored us a free room since she now works for a major drug company.

And in just eight short weeks Nadin arrives from Egypt.  We are all very excited.  We have gotten to spend a lot of time online getting to know her and feel really lucky to have picked her.  Hopefully all goes well come August.

Legend continues to plug away at nosework, Lyric is enjoying pet therapy, Zodiac seems happy, but old.  Polly goes up on Petfinder soon.  Wish us luck.  Twix has grown up, but still acts silly.

And Sundae has become even more beautiful now that her coat is long and full and healthy.  But I don't have any good recent pictures of her. She will have to have a turn later.

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