Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pollyanna update

In just two weeks Pollyanna has learned to walk, run and go up stairs.  She is still a little weak and wobbly, and will resort to scooting when she gets tired.  She also still occasionally knuckles over on her left foot but is doing much better.  Her biggest issue is that she wants to keep her left leg locked at the knee which makes for an awkward gait.  She always has her leg straight when she sits and lays down which compounds the muscle tightness that helps her keep it locked when in use.  I do a lot of range of motion exercises with her to try and keep it loose and encourage bending in the right direction.  Because she has improved so much already I'm hopeful that this issue will resolve as well.  But I guess even if it doesn't, she is still pretty functional.

She is also getting the idea of crate and house-breaking.  And she rides great in the car because I haul her to work with me everyday!  Which is also good for socialization.  She loves toys, but also shoes.  She is a good eater and likes treats and nylabones to chews on.  She wants to kiss all the other dogs and cats but they don't really appreciate it.

Now she just needs to start finding a home!  I mean really, who can resist this face?  Oh, and she has also gained 5 lbs-so I'm glad she's able to walk more and not need carried everywhere!

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