Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The barn crew

Little Twist spent most of the fall and winter, and a good part of the spring sitting in various windowsills in protest of being booted outside.  It rained, it snowed, it stormed, and still she sat in the windows.  We felt somewhat sorry for her, but she's the one who chose to leave the nice warm barn and sit in the elements.  But finally, with spring and summer and all the rodents that come with it she began to embrace her freedom as an outdoor cat.  She has grown into a sweet, sleek, petite little hunter.  She must not bigger than 5 or 6 pounds but she whoops up on our big old boy cats every day.  We are happy to see that she seems to be enjoying life now.  And while she does still visit the windowsills some she also lounges in the yard and driveway, as well at the barn and the deck.  She frequently explores the yard and hunts in the pasture keeping the local mouse and rabbit population under control.

Barney seems to have accepted the situation

Lefty not so much.

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