Sunday, February 8, 2009

Special Kitty

Icy is sweet, beautiful, and cuddly. Sadly, she is not very smart. We recently decided to move her food bowl from the bathroom (which is where she lived when we first got her as she had a broken pelvis-and it worked out so we well we just continued with that) to where Jelly used to eat. It does not appear that Jelly will be moving back to the house anytime soon and Legend has been sneaking off to take Icy's food in the morning so this seemed like a good plan. Icy has yet to catch on. Twice a day, every day for more than a week we have had to fish a very confused cat out of the bathroom and bring her to the closet where her food bowl now lives. We have always blamed her "cerebral limitations" on her head trauma-she also had a broken jaw when we got her.

I have had 2 warm days to work with Legend on the things suggested to me last weekend. And what do you know-if I stand still and rotate my shoulders and upraised arm but do not actually move forward in the new direction-she does not realize she should turn in that direction. So we are working on consistent body language cues and eventually working on understanding these cues from a distance. And we have continued our work on building drive, proofing contacts and weave poles. Never ending projects.


Sara said...

What is it with cats and sinks?

I think the pet industry is missing the boat - they should make cat beds out of porcelin.

Glad you had some warm weather!

Josh and Jess said...

You found her in the sink??? Jeepers. :)