Monday, December 21, 2009

What we did today

Late this morning I was presented with a pit bull who was HUGELY full of puppies. I don't think I've ever seen a dog so pregnant. Due to a number of factors a normal birth didn't look likely so it was off to c-section land for the All Creatures gang. The surgery itself was kind of a nightmare-the uterus was tearing and bleeding everywhere. I pretty much delivered the puppies through the tears! I finally got all 12 pups out and the momma spayed. Sorry no pics of the surgery-all staff were working on puppies and quite honestly EVERYTHING was covered in blood and puppy goo. I'm prery sure I've never had such a mess in surgery! But amazingly the girls were awesome and got 10 of the puppies to live. Sort of made all the extra laundry worth it. We were all exhausted afterwards but here's what we had to show for it...

Dad was only described as "big." Not sure that they are going to be very cute but we'll see. Actually I kind of doubt we will see them again. The owners are not too bright or responsible, and have no money (a parent paid today's bill) but maybe they will surprise us. They have a long road ahead with a sick momma dog and 10 pups, they may be doing some bottle feeding before long.

Later in the day we had another surprise. "Santa" from the Portuguese Waterblog brought by some presents and Sue had made me this adorable bunny! Thanks Sue-she's adorable!


Sue said...

What an exciting morning. Hope they'll be OK. Glad you like the bunny. Merry Christmas.

Paint Girl said...

Hope the puppies and momma dog will be okay! What a huge litter!
That is one cute bunny!!