Thursday, April 9, 2009

Catching up

It seems like everyday this week has been Thursday-since my boss was gone and he's usually gone on Thursday. So I've been pretty disappointed every day to wake up and find out it's not Friday. But tomorrow is Friday and better yet I have the afternoon off since I worked all day on Tuesday. Too bad I have to work Saturday.

Anyway Icy is feeling better, back to her normal playful silly self. Legend had a great day for agility class last night and did quite well. Zodiac had pet therapy on Tuesday and we had a good visit as usual. And we have a busy weekend coming up.

I got my new camera in the mail today and am anxiously waiting for the battery to get charged so I can play with it. In the meantime, here are some various photos taken with my old camera and/or my phone.

Here's Icy, just looking cute
Spring-hanging out with the dogs

Yep-she's laying next to Oreo in this picture (really more behind him but clearly not concerned about him)

This is Meatball-he's our clinic cat. He was dropped off for euthanasia a few years ago for "health problems and aggression." When that sweet face popped out of the box I just couldn't put him down. His health problems were fleas and obesity and he's far from mean-just sassy. He's lost 10 pounds (started out at 23) and free of fleas and lives a good spoiled life. He's the perfect clinic cat since he never gets up on stuff and mostly just sleeps and begs for food!

Here's Icy with her army of toys


Sue said...

Oh boy, a new camera. I'm enjoying mine. It's much faster than the old one.

Sarah said...

Meatball looks so cute. How wonderful that you not only saved his life, but it sounds like you were able to dramatically improve it as well.

What kind of camera did you get?

Nicki said...

To add to Sarah's comment...

I didn't mention it, but Meatball also donated blood to save the lives of a few kittens since we have had him

I got an Olympus FE-370. It even comes in pink!