Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More from the new camera

I was away from the house for most of my day off today and briefly considered starting a gardening project when I got home but ended up opting to play with the dogs and my new camera. I tried out the "sport" mode. The pictures were less blurry than with my old camera but still not super sharp. Maybe Legend just moves too fast, or maybe I can't expect too much from a nice, but non-professional camera.

Here's one of my purple vine flowers up close
I really like this one of the apple tree.. You can click on any of these to see the larger version if you want.

This is from the cruise we took at the Branson Landing Saturday night.

And another big bunny photo.

Icy's just yawning here-promise.


Diana said...

Yea, action shots of the dogs are very hard to get. At least I think. If you can, take if off the auto setting. Play with it a little. IF it has theoe focus points, turn the one on in the middle and point that one on the dog. Increase the shutter speed. See if that helps. The automatic sport mode didnt work well for me. I got better shots when I took it off the automatic settings. Diana

Sue said...

Icy looks fierce in that picture. I just tried the sport mode today for the first time and it's going to take some practice. It still looked fuzzy.

Sara said...

Love the apple blossoms!

Action shots are the toughest. My tactic - take lots of photos, and then 5/50 will come out good! I delete A LOT of photos.

I also use a high shutter speed, 600+, depending on my light.

Sometimes it helps to very, slowly move the camera in the same direction the dogs are going. Especially if you are taking a lateral shot, but that takes practice, and some LUCK, if you're an amateur like me.

If you can't change your shutter speed, most digital cameras these days let you adjust your ISO. You can try increasing that.

Josh and Jess said...

Icy has some pretty impressive fangs :-)Great photo, we love it!!

CK said...

Love the picture of Icy yawning.

The hike was Hercules Glades. It is past Bradleyville on 125 south.

Jackson said...

Yay!! You are good photographer!! I recently got my new camera from Best Buy and looking for this kind of flower pictures!!

Nicki said...

Thanks for the camera advice-I'll have to give those things a try.