Monday, April 6, 2009

Today's Headlines

Surgery-I neutered a cryptorchid (had one testicle retained in the abdomen) rabbit. First time I've done that but it proved to be way easier than a cryptorchid dog or cat. Unfortunately it was a surprise complication and slowed down my morning a bit. But everything turned out ok.

Icy-woke us up vomiting this morning, did not eat well today and vomited a few more times while we were at work. Chances are she'll be fine but and it's no big deal but remember last time she was sick...

Weather-it's freaking cold here!

Disappointment of the week-Wheel of Fortune is having auditions in Branson....the same weekend I'm going out of town for a concert. Dang it. I wanted to be on Wheel-I'm pretty good. But I'm not missing the Kenny Chesney concert for it.

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Greg S said...

My dog Rip has just one testicle out, and probably in the next month or two I will have him neutered (he'll turn 1.5 years later in April) - I hope there wont be any complications on that.

As for Wheel.... my aunt was on the show many many years ago and won about $10,000 worth of "stuff". Bummer you cant try out.