Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Action shots

I was playing with my camera today and found out, by accident, that I seem to get better action shots if I am zoomed in while using the sport mode. I don't know the logic behind that but it seemed to work. This does however make taking pictures along quite tricky-holding a camera, zoomed in on a small area, trying to get the dogs to run in the direction of said area-no surprise I got a lot of not centered, partial shots! The best ones were actually of Zodiac.

His long hair was really blowing in the wind today!

I really like this one but it's a little grainy when you look at it full size.

I actually got this one without a zoom-just lucky. She's practically sideways!

We got all this in before the rain. I also worked Zodiac's utility exercises. Perfect go-outs were apparently a fluke. Today he either wouldn't go far enough or tried to come back instead of sitting when he turned around. But it got better. Signals were pretty good-he responded to the signal every time, I just had a hard time getting him not to anticipate. He's always trying to think ahead! Articles were a bit of a struggle today. Legend had a good agility work out. We did a few things out of Clean Run and then practiced contacts.
I had two rooms of carpets recleaned today. I told everyone last night that they needed to get all accidents out of their system before the carpet cleaners came. So last night Legend puked on the living room floor and this afternoon Icy did the same thing. Well, I did tell them didn't I?


Sara said...

Such good dogs you have - puking on command!

Great photos! Love the tunnel shot.

Paint Girl said...

Great pictures!
I can't seem to figure out how to get action shots, they always turn out blurry. I have no idea what setting my camera should be on, even reading my manual doesn't help me much!

Sue said...

Today must have been the day to clean carpets. I hadn't planned on it, though.

Diana said...

Well hopefully your dogs are done puking. I hope the carpets stay clean. Diana