Friday, May 8, 2009

The wild day

It was cloudy this morning. Then raining. Then storming. Then the tornado sirens went off-along with warnings for several counties including where I live and where I work. The sky was black the winds were strong. We spend a good portion of the early morning hovering over the computer at work listening to the weather reports. We also lost our Internet and phone service at work, but not the power. Then Linda found out there was damage to her fence so she left to check the damage and see if the horses were ok. A few appointments and the rest of the staff trickled in throughout the morning. Then my sick bulldog from last night returned for surgery. I thought she had a pyometra (pus filled uterus) and needed to be spayed. I spayed her but she didn't have a pyo. Her uterus was abnormal though and could still be the source of her problem. We saved some for a biopsy. Then Jerry and I went out for a quick lunch. After lunch I did some appointments and then checked the bulldog again. Large amounts of blood were dripping from her incision. Uh-oh. Back to surgery we went. The dog was seven years old and often the tissues in older dogs, especially ones that have been used for breeding are very fragile. One of the ligated ovarian vessels had torn away from the sutures. But I was able to easily find it and re-ligate. So far, so good. She should go home tomorrow. I hope she does well. She really hasn't been taken care of that well in the past and her owner loves her but she has spent about all she can. Then a few more minor emergencies and time to go home. Now I have do some shopping and packing. I'm headed out with some friends for a "girl's weekend" tomorrow. We are going to Kansas City for a Kenny Chesney concert and staying at Crown Center in a nice hotel and doing some shopping! Oh, and we did not have any damage except one down branch at our house. That poor tree loses a branch in every storm.


Paint Girl said...

What a hectic day! Hope the dog is going to be ok!
Have an excellant girls weekend! I love Kenney Chesney! Have not seen him in concert yet, that is on my "must do someday" list!

Greg S said...

I don't know how you folks in Kansas / Missouri / Oklahoma can cope with the thought that a tornado could come along and wipe your place out at any time. I suppose every part of the country has some natural disaster to worry about though.
Glad everything was fine!!

Sara said...

Have a great weekend! Sounds like a blast!