Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Lyric and Trip have become quite good friends lately (she tried to eat him a few times the first day). At least I think they are. Sometimes Lyric seems to be having a really good time with him but other times I'm just not sure-she just stands there and lets him pull her hair. Anyway, it keeps him busy. I shot this video this morning. They had been playing for awhile so you can tell they are just starting to get a little tired. Ignore the out of control border collies in the background.

In other exciting news we let our propane run out overnight which made for a chilly morning in our house. Jerry noticed it was low but we didn't do anything about it in time. Apparently we were supposed to be checking it. In the past they have added some as needed but I guess we are not in that program anymore. And I didn't prepay for any extra this year so now we have a whole tank of high priced winter propane. Oh well, at least we are warm again.

Oh, and I am working a little too. Gotta pay for that propane you know!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the propane running out. Glad to hear you are working a little.

Anxious Dad

Sue said...

It's nice to see we're not the only ones whit a chaotic household.

Life in vet school said...

That's really cute -- I love how the double-donut pull toy almost takes out both Lyric and Trip! Do the tiny dogs ever play with the big dogs? Or do they segregate themselves by size?

Nicki said...

Lyric will play with the other dogs sometimes-but mostly just bosses them around. Sometimes she and Zodiac wrestle. Zodiac will also let the puppy chew on him if he's in the mood. Trip would love to tug and play with the big dogs but they are mostly too strong and too rough so he sticks to his own size.