Thursday, February 18, 2010

I forgot

There was one more important thing that happened at the trial last weekend-Peyton's mom brought her by for a visit. My little girl is all grown up and sooo pretty! She's very petite-smaller than Legend but just as cute and as spoiled as can be. She had a good time at the trial and her mom might even have been inspired to start her in agility training!

This is a video from this morning of Trip and Zodiac playing. He can be so good with puppies if he wants to be. Earlier today they were "tugging" which means Zodiac was basically just holding the toy while Trip tugged. When Trip tries to tug with Legend he just gets flipped around and the toy ripped out of his face.

It's been nice enough the last few days to train outside. This gave me a chance to work some full size go-outs with Zodiac which went well. He also did some nice signals outside-they were not perfect as he was anticipating but that's better than not paying attention which is what usually happens outside. Legend got to work on some open exercises and on some agility skills. We are practicing NOT popping out of the weave poles. We also worked on doing some crosses at the teeter. I realized as I was walking the courses this weekend I don't have much confidence in crossing there. Probably because of her teeter issues that occasionally pop up. But this practice was good for us, made her work the teeter more independently.

Lyric is doing great. She loves the dogwalk and the A-frame the best I think. She's getting more confidence with the jump and even did a sequence of two jumps today. She has no problem getting on the table-although I'm not sure I have it at the right height for her. I was able to send her through the tunnel a few times today instead of calling her through but she hasn't quite caught on to tire run-bys. Since she has so much confidence on the other contact equipment I let her walk over the teeter once. She was totally unfazed by the fact that it moved. She also ran through the barrel of the chute and started the broad jump. We are also working on those annoying weave poles.

Tomorrow we are headed out for another trial-hopefully with more Qs!


Sara said...

Trip & Zodiac are so cute together! I love watching dogs play.

Good luck at your trial!

Chris and Ricky said...

Glad you got outside to work the dogs a little! I can't wait for the snow to be gone here.

Good luck this weekend!!