Friday, February 5, 2010


The snow is still trying melt and the yard is a swamp-no playing out in the mud today! It did snow earlier today and looked very pretty but it didn't stay around long as it's above freezing. Yesterday was equally as dreary as today but with a greater variety of precipitation types.

Trip is sleeping through the night and didn't even pee in his kennel last night! He's also learning that he can play with toys while in his x-pen instead of screaming to be let out where he will play with the same exact toys in the living room.

We have been back to training inside so lots of obedience work. Legend is working on open and utility stuff and doing quite well. Zodiac continue to toil away at utility. He was doing great on articles and then yesterday just fell apart on the leather. Not sure what's up with that. We haven't tried yet today. I may let them air out a few more days. He's starting to get the idea that he should "go-out" until he reaches an obstacle-a wall, fence, whatever. I know he should probably "go-out" until I say "sit" but he's such an anticipator I thought associating it with physically needing to stop would be better and I just tell him to sit as he approaches the endpoint.

Lyric is working on proofing her stay. She also has a lightning fast recall-in a very controlled environment and is racing across the room to the target. So for the most part everything is going pretty well.

Zodiac got to get caught up on vaccines and bloodwork today and tonight they will all get birthday cake for dinner!

This afternoon I have been messing more with Photoshop. Here is a scrapbook page for Zodiac. I don't have a scrapbook but I was playing with some different features.
Here is Legend getting ready for the Superbowl. I couldn't decide if the pawprints make it too busy or not but ended up leaving them. It seemed ok.
And little Lyric running through the snow.

Now I better get some real work done!

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TC said...

Great photoshop pictures. I don't think the paws make it too busy.