Monday, February 8, 2010


Sort of. It's still snowing here-just a little but here are some picture of my big bunny, Spring. She has not been on the blog in a while but she's full grown and over 14 lbs Don't let that scare you though- she's really just a big, lazy, chicken rabbit!

Here she is on one of her short bursts of energy.

And a sweet bunny close-up!
I would go out and take more snowy pictures and play with the dogs but I've has a sore throat since Saturday so today I'm just puttering around the house. Since I can barely talk the dogs probably won't even train today. Lucky puppies.
Here is someone else who hasn't been on the blog in awhile! Friday night was game night at our house. Kennedy was the official dice roller for Scattegories.
She also tried to expand her responsibilities by helping Jerry with his answers!


Sue said...

Wow, both Kennedy and Spring have really grown.

Chris and Ricky said...

Sorry about your sore throat!

Kennedy has grown so much but she's still super cute of course! And Spring and I weigh almost the same - I'm 15 lbs. That's a big bunny!

tervnmal said...

Spring is adorable. I will tell Phoenix dogs and bunnies CAN co-exist peacefully.

TC said...

They are both so cute. I love the last picture of Kennedy, hope your sore throat gets better.