Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I took Trip in for some vaccine boosters today. He's grown about 2.5 lbs since we have had him! I knew he was growing but that's quite a bit in the short time we've had him. And he's still just a bundle of energy. He's a strong tugger, loves to run and is getting better at fetch. He plays with all the the dogs now but mostly Lyric and Zodiac.

While I was at the clinic I picked up Zodiac's bloodwork which was normal so everyone got a good report this week.

It's really cold today and I have the horse shoer coming this afternoon. I'm not looking forward to standing out in the barn holding Squirt in the cold but not much I can do to get out of it! I think I'll bring the space heater out with me. No more exciting news for today. Just catching up on laundry-fun.

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LauraK said...

Such a cutie! I hope he finds a home soon :) And I'm with you for holding horses for shoeing in the cold, no fun!