Sunday, February 21, 2010

Not Quite

Legend and I are back from another weekend of agility. Although it was not a bad weekend it was not quite as good as last weekend. Yesterday there was a hard entry into the weave poles in standard. The temptation was to go up the dogwalk and even though I barely managed to stop that she ended up entering the weave poles at such a hard angle she couldn't get bent around to make the second pole. Then she bailed on the teeter again. Whatever. I can't predict that one. She seemed a little stressed in jumpers and was really dragging her feet. We got a Q but with only 1 point to show for it. Today she was having a super great standard run. She was happy, fast and relaxed. And missed the perfectly straight, on-side weave entry. Grrr. I thought the jumpers course today looked like a lot of fun and was hoping it would be a good run for us since she was so relaxed in standard. But she was again a bit stressed and running slow. Faster than yesterday but still slow. Then I must have pulled her off a jump-I totally didn't see it but I saw the judge. And she didn't do the poles right. So not a whole lot to show for all our work this weekend but we are definitely working weave poles between now and the next trial!

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Diana said...

Trialing is tough. Sorry it didnt go well. Diana