Sunday, February 28, 2010

Look at these cuties

Jerry took these while I was gone the other day. What sweeties!

Last night we gathered at a friend's house for pizza, cake, games and a birthday celebration. We had a great time and even to to witness an exciting event. While Kennedy was showing off how well she can stand on her own she decided to take her first step! It was too bad her dad missed it but we were all so excited to witness it!

Today was cleaning day. Well grocery day too. But after we did the shopping it was back to laundry, cleaning out the cars and bathing the dogs. We got in some training too. Lyric is running through the tunnel with so much confidence now I started to put a bend in it-didn't faze her at all. And today she did the teeter without my slowing down the fall. Legend's weave pole proofing did not go well. She seemed totally unable to weave 6 poles while I stand behind. We finally did have some success but not before we were both frustrated. But I think this work will really make her trial performance more consistent-I want her to really be able to do them independently. Zodiac continues to make progress in utility.


Paint Girl said...

They are awfully cute, those two!!

Sue said...

Kennedy is walking? It doesn't seem possible. She's growing up too fast.

Lyric has to prove to those Border Collies that she's a big dog, too.

Andrea said...

You have such beautiful dogs. They look really well trained too.

Diana said...

Cute pictures. Diana