Sunday, March 7, 2010


Since all the expensive things we want to do to the house are on hold we have been doing some mini-projects (painting the bathroom and laundry room). While we were at it we decided to give our kitchen cabinets a facelift and replace the old tarnished handles with new ones. For convenience and financial reasons we neglected to also change the hinges. We had 34 cabinet handles and 11 drawer handles!

We used these for all the cabinets and a more square, simpler design for the drawers

Overall we think it added a nice touch to the kitchen.
These are some more pictures from yesterday. I didn't take any more today but the weather was equally as wonderful and the dogs enjoyed lots of great pay time outside. And now they are tired!!!
I like this photo because you can see the leaf shadow showing through the petals.
Squirt-up close
This is the same photo as yesterday but with slightly different "special effects"


Sara said...

Cabinet hardware is ridiculously expensive, isn't it? But boy can it make a difference!

I can't wait to see some flowers blooming.

Border Collie Mom said...

You should sell all the old hardware on e-bay...

the photo of Squirt is wonderful. Have you ever downloaded the PS actions from Pioneer Woman (they are free)? She has an action called "define and sharpen" that works great on hair/fur... I think you would like it.

Sue said...

I'd love to change the hardware on my cabinets, but I counted last night and we have over eighty that would need to be changed. I'll have to think about it some more.