Thursday, March 4, 2010

Not recommended

So I started the laundry room project today. And although it only took me one day it did not go as smoothly as I had hoped. At first I thought I would get away with just one coat of yellow paint. Then as it dried I noticed some spots that needed touched up. So I touched up and let it dry more. The next time I checked on it I thought the whole thing looked really streaky and bad. So another coat went on. It looked really good after that.

On to the grapes. Let me just say that the spongy stamp thing-definitely not recommended. At first I thought I could dip it in the paint, blot off the excess and go to painting. That didn't work at all. I found I needed to brush a light layer of paint on it with a sponge brush and then stamp it on the wall. But not enough paint and it didn't leave a good imprint. Too much paint and it would run and leave a "tail." And better yet if the paint or the pressure wasn't even you could get both in one stamp!

Overall I'm a little disappointed but I can live with it because it's a laundry room-and it's definitely more interesting than the off white walls that we had. But if it were anything other than a laundry room I would have stopped and continued a search for a stencil or something that worked better.

Actually if you don't look close and obsess over it then you don't notice the imperfections so much. But of course I have been obsessing a little. It will probably be even less noticeable when we get everything moved back in and on the walls.

While the paint was drying I got to spend some time outside with the dogs. Everyone did great!


Diana said...

It looks really good to me. Cute! When ever I wall paper ( which I havent done in years) my eye is always drawn to the spot that I think didnt turn out right. Other people wont see what you see. Lol Diana

Sara said...

Only you will notice any mistakes. They'll drive you nuts, but no one else will ever see them.

I think it looks great!

Greg S said...

Thats how it always is - you know the imperfections and they jump out at you, but nobody else sees them.

Funny thing, until I enlarged the pictures, I thought the 'grapes' were actually chickens or roosters!