Thursday, March 18, 2010


Today was the first sunny day since we have been back from our trip. And I was off work! But before we could enjoy the day I had to take Legend to get caught up on vaccines before agility class starts and pick up all our dog and cat food I had ordered. Then a few more errands and it was back home to play!

Legend is still working on weave poles. I'm happy to say she is nailing almost all entrances. She is slowly improving on driving through all the poles without me. It's a work in progress. She will eventually get it but sometimes it takes her several tries. We tried to work obedience after agility and that was a flop. She was all worked up from agility and just acted like retrieving the dumbell was something we'd never even tried before. It was a little weird because she usually loves the dumbell. But maybe she was stressed about the weave pole work-heaven forbid she have to think about something! And then I was getting frustrated so we just stopped for the day.

Zodiac had an OK practice. Lyric was the only true star today. She did a whole circle of obstacles-jumps with a tunnel and tire interspersed- without going around any of them and allowing me bit of lateral distance. Not a lot-but enough that if the jump had wings I wouldn't crash into it!

I have two colors of crocuses blooming now. But I'm glad not too much stuff is budding because it's supposed to freeze and snow this weekend.


Sarah said...

Pretty pictures!

Sirius Scientist said...

The flowers are beautiful! We still don't have any here in central PA.

I just signed my pup up for an obedience for agility course with the hope of taking beginning agility by the middle of May. I've got a feeling I'm going to be referencing your agility info quite a bit :)

Any tips for those of us just starting out?

Nicki said...

For beginners i'd say don't scimp on solid obedience skills, ground work and individual obstacle performance before moving on to sequences and courses. Good luck!

Sirius Scientist said...

Thanks! We start the first week of next month, and after completing the first round of obedience for agility we join beginner agility (which is more obedience adding in a few obstacles near the end).

Can't wait to start!