Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good Dogs

You might remember that we were having a problem with Legend peeing on the living room floor overnight so she had to go back to sleeping in her crate. Well lately we have been letting her sleep loose and she has not had any accidents. If she drinks a lot of water before bed or won't go out last thing then we still put her in the crate. But for the most part she's doing well.

Trip is much improved on his potty training troubles. He has not had an accident overnight in quite some time and he's doing much better around the house. Of course as soon as I bragged on him yesterday he had two accidents in the house last night and one in his crate while I was out running errands today. Trip also had a whopping 184 hits on petfinder this week-where are all the applications?

My agility goal for Lyric was to have her in a trial before the end of the year. She seems to be way ahead of that schedule so I think I'm going to plan on entering her in our local NADAC trial in late June. She should be ready for at least some of the classes by then. If nothing else it will be good experience for her.

That just leaves Zodiac-he's always a good boy!


Sam said...

Sounds like good news all around. Of course, my personal favorite is the bit about Lyric gearing up for a trial. I know you've trialed extensively, but I really do like NADAC as a dog's first trial. They're just so laid back and usually small. I don't think I'm going to run NADAC any more since there isn't much of it here (and I don't like the hoops), but I'll always have fond memories of our first trial last November.

Sue said...

Where will the trial be held? I'd love to see Lyric run.

tervnmal said...

That is a very sweet pic. Have fun prepping for Lyric's debut!