Saturday, March 20, 2010


Our two days of sun have vanished. Today is chilly and rainy. I guess it's actually snowing in a lot places. Not sure if that's better or worse. Anyway, it makes for a lazy weekend inside. The dogs got a chance to work some obedience inside. Lyric got to proof some stays, Legend worked open exercises and Zodiac got back to articles. It's funny-he gets it right the first time but then struggles if you ask for the same one again. Maybe I trained him to think after he does one right we are switching to the other material (metal then leather and vice versa). So we are spending some time working on that issue.

On the good news front, after four weeks of Clavamox and countless trips outside,Trip is doing significantly better on both house and crate training. He is having way fewer accidents and as a result has been enjoying spending most of today out of his crate. Which is good because it's rainy and he can't play outside today. He actually played long enough to lay down in the living room. Only took about three hours!

Doesn't he look cute on his new blanket. I have some other cute ones but they are still on my camera. If they turn out well I may post them another day. This one is just from my phone.


Sue said...

Feels like winter's back. That's a cute blanket. Tsar loves his. He dragged it out of the laundry room the other day.

LauraK said...

such a cute pup!

Paint Girl said...

He is adorable!! Cute blanket too!