Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pool Time

It was warm enough today to drag out the pool-which Legend thought was a fantastic idea.

Some of these pictures of her shaking off just cracked me up.

I tried to put Trip in but he was not impressed.
Lyric is not interested in the pool
And Barney almost fell asleep watching this fly.


LauraK said...

Those are great pictures, dogs look so funny when they shake off, especially when you can capture it on film. It's warming up here, but definitely not pool weather!

Sara said...

Aww, Legend really loves the water! How fun.

Can't imagine it being warm enough to be in water. It is soooo cold here today.

Great photos.

Paint Girl said...

I love pool time! We will have to bring ours out in a couple months.
Love all the pix! Trip is so adorable!!

Diana said...

Shaking off while still in the water. Too funny. None of my dogs like water. Miley will stick her feet in the baby pool but thats about it. Diana

Chris and Ricky said...

Cute photos of very cute dogs! Is it summer already? I wish!

tervnmal said...

Fun pics and so awesome that it's warm enough at the end of March to play in the pool. Phoenix loves his pool, too, and the garden hose as well.

Izzie said...

That picture of Trip all wet and fluffy is adorable! Wish I had room for him at my house :)