Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rainy Day Fun

It's another nasty day here. The temperatures are hovering at the brink of freezing so everything on the ground is slush and there was ice on the trees. But it's melting so now there is just more slush and mud. And it's still raining and windy. I felt so sorry for the horses I let them in the barn to eat. But we don't have any stalls and they seemed to enjoy pulling down the bales of hay and trying to eat those rather than eat the loose hay I put out for them so after about an hour I put them back out. One day we will get some stalls finished-it won't take much, there is a place where some used to be but the previous home owners took out the partitions and gates.

Anyway here are some fun pics to brighten up this dreary day. As promised, some more cute pics of Trip and his blankie.

One from the other day when it was nice and dry and kind of warm.

And now a real blast from the past. I found this when cleaning my closets. It's from Cross Country districts my senior year of high school.

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Sue said...

Lovely day, isn't it? Even the dogs don't want to go out in this.

Trip is almost as big as Legend. That was fast.