Friday, July 23, 2010

Free Day!

Today I'm not working, not at a trial and not traveling. Wow. But it's not really free since I've been catching up on laundry, bills, and other stuff around the house. I need to go out and pick the ripe stuff from the garden but it's like 100 degrees here so I'm putting that off a little longer. I also need to reset my agility course since I'll be home all week to work the dogs. Yes, I'm working this week but closer to home. Which is good. We have Lyric's first AKC trial coming up in about a month and have not had the time to work that I had anticipated.

We have also finally decided to put stalls in the barn. We have found a way to do it pretty economically. It's not fancy but it's better than standing in freezing rain again this winter. First we have to move all the junk out of the barn. What a fun project for the weekend right?

Squirt got a good report on his feet. He should not have to keep them wrapped -just cleaned and put some special hardener on them while the sole grows back. It will be nice to have a stall in case we need it though.

I sent in all my entries for the Border Collie specialty today. Legend and Zodiac are very excited. Actually they are sleeping but I'm sure they will be excited later.

I'll try and have more pictures this week since I'll be home to take some!


Chris and Ricky said...

Glad to know you are getting a little time at home! It's such good news that Squirt's feet are better!

Isn't the heat horrible? We have it too!

LauraK said...

I always love productive days!

Good luck with your stall building project, I'm sure they will be really handy in the winter!