Saturday, July 10, 2010

So busy!

I worked 6 days this week. How did I ever get anything done doing that on a regular basis? Anyway when I wasn't working I was getting the laundry and other chores done and so I could get ready to leave again!

Tomorrow Legend, Zodiac and I are off to Sedalia for the obedience trial and then to St. Louis for a few days of work. Then, some commuting back and forth to work for a few days. Then back to St. Louis for a wedding, agility trial, and more work!

Squirt is a little better today. I did stop wrapping the foot too soon but part of the problem was a second abscess brewing in the other foot. No wonder he was so sore again. The vet mentioned there was a soft spot in the left foot, but that she didn't find an abscess when she worked on it. Well, it was just too early. I noticed yesterday that it had broke open and was draining. So now he is back to having wraps on both feet but I think keeping them clean and dry with the wraps is helping-there was less drainage today and the soles are getting harder. Hopefully he's on the road to recovery.

Now, almost time for bed. Early morning tomorrow!

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Diana said...

Hope Squirt gets better soon. Wow, you are busy. Have fun at your trials. Diana