Sunday, July 11, 2010

Obedience trial and other tidbits

Legend made her debut in Open obedience today. I was really happy with how she did given the amount of work we've been doing lately. Her heeling was not pretty but it really never is. It's just something we always need to work on. It's great until we get in the ring-then not so much. I probably need to work more in strange places but who has time for that? She was a little slow on the drop part of drop on recall and then failed to stop and sit in front. Her retrieve on the flat was really nice. It wasn't until the retrieve over the jump that we lost it. The dumbell tumbled to the left and for whatever reason she turned right after the jump and didn't see the dumbell. She wandered around and came back in front of the jump. I sent her again and she did it perfectly. She walked over the first board of the broad jump and then jumped the last two-so we got an NQ on that one too. But I think she got a good idea of what goes on in the open ring. I'm looking forward to trying again! And her out of sight stays were great. I have to admit I virtually never practice this, especially for the full amount of time so I was really proud of her. Sometimes she gets lazy and wants to lay down on the sit, or gets bored and sniffs on the down. But no problems today!

Zodiac competed in Rally. Despite no practice since the last trial he managed to pick up a 94 in excellent and first place and a 93 in advanced for third place. This makes RAE leg #9! My plan is to get the last leg at the BC specialty-just watch that will be the only time we NQ! Oh, and it was thunderstorming during his runs so that added some stress for him!

On another fun note we got to meet Phoenix and his mom who writes the Exercise Finished blog. It was pretty cool. It's kind of weird to meet someone you already kind of know, but have never actually met!

And here is a pic from Trip's mom-he's really learned to love the water. What a happy, lucky boy!

Now if the storm would pass we could get on the road!


Chris and Ricky said...

Congrats on a good obedience/rally weekend! It's great that Legend is now in Open. We are not even close to knowing the required stuff for the open level!

Trip looks like he was made to swim!

Diana said...

Congrats on your "q"s ! Thats so neat that you met Phoenix's mom. Diana

tervnmal said...

It was great to meet you! If we lived closer together, we could work on our crazy dogs' CDX issues together.

Congrats on a good weekend! Wish we'd had more time to visit.