Saturday, July 24, 2010

My helper

This is how Icy was assisting me yesterday while I worked at the computer. Isn't she so helpful? At least she's cute!

The dogs got back to work this morning before it got too hot. Don't get me wrong, it was hot, but workable. Lyric got to work on doing weave poles as part of a sequence-with speed and no help finding the entrance. Is anyone really surprised when I say she did great? Because she did. The first time she came flying out of the tunnel and dove right and started weaving like a champ. She did great until about pole 10 and then she skipped one. It was such a good effort I rewarded anyway. The next time she did all 12. Then we turned around and I had her do a jump to the weave poles. Nailed it. We worked a few other non-weaving sequences and then went in before she got too hot.

Legend worked more on "out" vs "here" and some other random things. We also did some high value healing work. Nothing too formal, just lots of cookies for showing up in heel position. I'm hoping making heeling very highly rewarding and requiring her to "do it on her own" will improve her heeling in the ring. Worked for weave poles so we'll see.

Zodiac did a few tracks, he did them very well I thought. They were pretty simple but he seemed to really be focusing. All in all they did well. Now they get to sleep while we hit the lake and some night time roller coasters!


Sue said...

Sounds like you have a winner there with little Lyric. Aren't little dogs cute?

Sara said...

Oh, roller coasters sound like fun! Haven't done that yet myself this summer.

Lyric sounds like a blast to train and run.