Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I know what I said but...

I still haven't taken any new pictures. I know I said I would but I've been too lazy. I figure it's enough that I work all day and then train the dogs in the humid evenings, sometimes in the rain.

It was really wet and still a little bit sprinkly when we worked on Monday. The plus side of this was my chute tunnel (which I left out all night) was soaking wet. I know what you are thinking-how is this a plus side? It gave Lyric some good proofing. I figure if a prissy pom will go through a soaking wet chute in the heat and rain then she's probably ready for a chute at a trial. Probably. Never can tell with dogs. But so far she seems pretty unfazed by anything new.

Legend continues to work, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, on "here" and "out" and on improving her open obedience exercises.

Zodiac worked tracking-today was ok, earlier in the week was better. It's fun but a little hard because there really isn't anything much I can do to help him. He just has to figure it out on his own. Plus it's hard to know when he's really getting it and when he's just kind of poking along looking for treats. Oh well, I guess eventually the decreasing number of treats will show the truth!

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tervnmal said...

Tracking is so much fun, but frustrating at the same time when you're trying to figure out if the dog is really working or just poking around.

You'll both have it in no time!