Saturday, July 3, 2010


I was working out of town all week last week and got home late last night. Well, not that late, but after dark. So today was a busy day of catching up around the house and yard and doing stuff with the "kids."

Jerry already had most of the yard work and some of the housework done so we were able to finish mowing and I picked veggies and berries and did some weeding. I have several watermelon growing but it doesn't seem like I have a melon for every bloom that was on the vine. Is that normal? We have tons of cucumbers and peppers (well, maybe not tons, but more than we will eat) and are starting to have tomatoes ripen as well. We decided to put off trimming the bushes for another day.

Squirt is improving but is still sore. He keeps wearing through the bandage on his foot. I took it off this morning to get some air. Then later I soaked both feet in betadine to disinfect them. The foot with the bad abscess I decided to wrap again to at least keep it clean for a little while. I think tomorrow before I leave I will take the wrap off and soak it and then let him out to pasture so he's not just standing in dirt all day.

Legend is entered in Open A at the obedience trial next weekend. Is she ready? Well, she can do all the exercises nicely but she has not really been proofed on them that well. Se we will see. Zodiac is entered in Rally. I've been trying to do more tracking with him but it's hard when I'm not home much.

Lyric is doing better with letting me get further from her without pulling off the jump. She is even starting to let me do some rear crosses. And her weave poles are improving rapidly. I really think that she'll be fine by the time she gets to open and has to do 12 poles and be judged. I actually think she'll do pretty well in novice next month but a trial is a whole new experience so you never know.

Now, time to get ready for a movie!

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Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Good luck in obedience and rally! We haven't been able to track much either, but it's partially because the grasses have been so dehydrated they're all burnt. Wouldn't be bad for TDX, but they aren't recommending it for TD training. Hope the trials go well for you!