Friday, October 15, 2010

Another slow blog week

Once again, it's Friday an I haven't blogged since the weekend. With my weekends (and sometimes the weeks) being so busy it seems all I do is catch up and then get ready to leave again. Doesn't look much better for the rest of the fall either! I'm working this weekend covering a clinic owned by a classmate and then early next week we leave for the border collie specialty. Which brought me to the realization that I really haven't worked much on Legend's obedence skills since the last trial. But we've worked some this week and she's been doing well. Both she and Lyric have been working agility nicely. Of course Lyric has to sit this one out!

Lilly is over kennel cough and is having a blast playing frisbee with the other dogs. She'll be hunting a home at the specialty next week.

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