Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lyric's new title!

Two days down and one to go at the agility trial this weekend.  We got off to kind of rough start yesterday.  Lyric had a few bobbles in JWW-one was my fault, then she found the dark blue tunnel to be a bit scary.  It was dark in there if you compared it to the yellow one!  She did complete the course, and got a decent time but ran out of refusals and didn't qualify.  She had a beautiful run in standard but wasn't going through the chute for anything.  So last night we make a substitute chute to practice on-a box, a tarp, and duct tape!  Doesn't have to be too sturdy for a nine pound dog to run through!

Today was better.  She had a great run in JWW to get her NAJ!  She was a little draggy in standard, not sure if she was stressed about the equipment, or tired, or just not very hungry.  She did go through the chute on the second try but it also took her two tries on the blue tunnel and the dogwalk.  Not sure why the dogwalk worried her because it's usually her favorite.  But it seems like most of her trouble is with getting used to various equipment.  She has been handling the courses and everything very well. 

Legend was a wild girl in standard yesterday.  She acted like a crazy novice dog.  Then she settled down (almost too much) for jumpers.  It was smooth and clean, but a little lackluster.  Got a few points out of it though.  Today she was having an awesome standard run but took down the last bar.  That was the only thing that kept us from double Q today as she had a good jumpers run and got yet another jumpers Q. 

We shall see what tomorrow brings!


Chris and Ricky said...

Congratulations on Lyric's title!! Awesome! I don't blame her for not doing the chute though. It is scary.

Sara said...

Aww, congratulations to you and Lyric!

Good luck today!

Sue said...

Yeah Lyric! I don't think I'd like to do the chute either. I'm claustrophobic.

Diana said...

Congrats on your new title. Diana