Sunday, October 24, 2010

BCSA 2010

Well, we didn't come home with a ton of ribbons but we did have a really good time!

Wednesday Legend had a few off courses in JWW but a very nice standard run-with a knocked bar.  But on the plus side she did pass the CGC!  I made a last minute decision to enter her so I was going to be prepared if she failed but she did great. 

Thursday day we were back for more agility.  Legend almost Q'd in JWW-entered the weaves wrong and I don't remember what happened in standard but I know it was not an "almost." 

Friday was agility and Rally so I was really on the move! Legend had a nice standard run, then I changed my handling plan at the last minute and caused her to miss a jump.  Stupid handler.  She did finally Q in our last run of the week in JWW.  So even though she was only 1/6, she was just a hair away from being 4/6 which would have been great.  And all her runs were with good speed and enthusiasm.  Zodiac was competing in Rally and earned his final RAE leg!  His scores were decent but not stellar-but we haven't practiced and he's not that interested anymore so we really just wanted to finish our title at the specialty and we did!

Saturday and Sunday were obedience for Legend.  She didn't Q either day but did have some strong points.  Today her heeling was quite good-minus the lack of sits.  Both days she had to be told twice to retrieve on the flat and both days she didn't do the broad jump.  I'm not sure why she can't make the connection on that unless it's just stress.  Today she had to be called to come twice and never did drop.  Both days had beautiful retrieve over the high jump and rock solid stays.  I guess it's all I can expect given the amount we've trained, the summer kind of got away from us.  I'm still undecided about taking her on to utility if we ever get our CDX.  I think I'll go ahead and start working the exercises more and see how her confidence in the ring improves.  I'm just not sure how dedicated I am to getting her over it.  It seemed to take forever in agility and I worked on that constantly and was in the ring at least once a month or more.

The weather was phenomenal-agility actually moved outside because of all the complaints about the flooring at the event center.  I didn't mind running outside and enjoying the weather but the agility field sure is a hike from the event center if you were entered in multiple events!  Even driving some of the time it was still a hassle.  Plus moving all the crates various times, I'm so sick of loading and unloading vehicles!

The rescue dinner was fun, if a bit unorganized.  And the raffle did not have the quality or quantity of items it has had in the past.  That said I won a bunch of stuff so still fun I guess.

Our MOKAN booth did well and raised a good amount of money to help our rescue dogs and I got visit with a lot of friends.

We had a little dog birthday party for Lexie, Legend, and Lyric as they all have fall birthdays.  All in all, a good trip!  Oh, and we have a good application on Lilly (who was very good on her first big trip) so she may be adopted soon!  It was no one we met this weekend so probably won't be an agility home, but a good home nonetheless. 


Chris and Ricky said...

Sounds like a good weekend all in all! Man, were you ever busy! I love the action shots with Legend! Congrats on Zodiac's RAE and on getting Lily adopted so quickly!

Sara said...

Great photos! What a successful weekend you had! Congratulations!

Diana said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Well except moving then crates all around. Love the pictures. Diana

Kathy Mocharnuk said...

GREAT PICTURES, sounds like a fantastic weekend. WOW, congrats on the RAE, that is really neat. I will keep my fingers crossed that everything works out with the potential adopter for Lilly...

tervnmal said...

Sounds like a great time. So THAT'S what the agility field looks like in the sunshine. LOL

Congrats on the agility Q and the RAE!

Sue said...

Another RAE!! It was a good weekend for that. Congratulations, sounds like it was fun.