Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lilly, live and in color!

Finally some pictures!  These are all from today...enjoy!

Legend tries to get the frisbee out of the pool

Still trying

Silly Lilly

Begging for cookies

Cutie pie


OK, so they are not all of Lilly but here is a video of her and Legend getting the frisbee out of the pool.  This is Lilly's first experience with the pool-she's quite a little fireball! The video starts slow, but stick with it.  Lilly knows the frisbee is in there, Legend has to be prompted to check the water.  Towards the end the video is just Lyric chasing Lilly around the yard.  Pretty cute. 


Greg S said...

That video is really funny. I love how Lilly discovers the water and then does the big zoom around and comes right back to it!

tervnmal said...

The video is adorable. Lyric is so tough. Good luck at BC Nationals! Hope this fabulous weather holds, although you'll get to play in the new Purina Center, right?

Emma Rose said...

LOL! The video is adorable.

Sue said...

Love the way they leap out of the pool followed by zoomies around the yard, then another try.

Looks like Lyric enjoys chasing her around the yard.