Friday, October 29, 2010

Another weekend rolls around

We've had pretty good weather this week for working the dogs outside.  Although it's also the kind of annoying weather where you sweat under your jacket but your ears are cold.  Anyway, overall everyone seems to be doing well.  I think we are making some progress in tracking, I'm doing some new things with Legend in obedience and Lyric is adorable in everything she does as usual.

Today was day one of a three day trial-locally.  Well, relatively local.  It takes about an hour and a half to get there but I can sleep in my own bed.  Today was excellent only so although I brought both girls with me only Legend competed.  She was having a nice run in standard but entered the weaves wrong.  Dang, stupid weaves.  Jumpers was clean-and very smooth.  She was really listening today and making nice tight turns and smooth lines.  No looking at off-course obstacles and tuning me out!

Lilly got spayed yesterday and is thinking crate rest time should already be over.  Even when I take her out on a leash she's trying to jump and run and spin. 

The picture is just for fun.  Not related to this post-have a great weekend!


Diana said...

Its weird how dogs can have surgery and the next day they act like nothing happened. I wonder if they have different type of pain receptors? Have a great weekend. Diana

Kathy Mocharnuk said...

Glad Lilly made it through her spay and apparently feels pretty good. Have a great trial this weekend!!!

Sue said...

The weather is strange. It's too warm for a sweatshirt but too cool for a tee shirt.

I borrowed a picture of Lyric for Dogs-N-More. I couldn't resist, she's so cute.