Sunday, October 10, 2010

The rest

So today was not as good as yesterday but still good.  Legend seems to have totally adapted to the floor and ran very well.  She got a Q in standard and 14 points and just missed qualifying in JWW-tough weave entry.  For those interested in my final opinion on the floor-I would definitely run on it again as my dogs did seem to adapt well and become comfortable on it.  Most dogs did seem to improve over the weekend however I did see some that continued to struggle with it even today. 

Lyric didn't get any Qs today but did have some success.  The finish to her jumpers run was nice and she did go through the chute the first time.  She did lose her focus a few times and still seems a bit apprehensive about getting on unfamiliar equipment but I imagine time and experience will help that. 

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Oskar said...

I bet Lyric & Legend have lots of fun!

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