Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bath Day!

My project for the evening was to get all the dogs bathed and groomed. Although it took most of the night they do look great now. They were in bad need of a cleaning plus we are going to my parent's later this week. Of course after the grooming is the cleaning up of the nails and hair and wet towels that are strung out all over the house.

I have the next 4 days off work which is very exciting for me-not that I just get those days off, I had to take a vacation day Friday and trade around my weekends to get it worked out but it's still nice to have 4 days off.

I make this blanket yesterday for Legend with my clearance fleece-make a nice birthday present for her. I just added it to the old boring blanket she sleeps on when we are gone during the day. The picture actually didn't turn out that well-I took it with my phone and I think it was too dark. And her is a picture of her cute cake from the dog bakery. They ate most of it already but there is still a little saved.

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Diana said...

wow, your a great dog mom. Cute blanket and nice cake. Have a nice mini-vacation. Diana