Saturday, November 15, 2008

NADAC Trial Day 1

Legend, Zodiac and I arrived at the local NADAC trial after work and in time to compete in several classes. Legend was great today-she ran so well, very fast and very focused. Maybe she is starting to pull it all together on a consistent basis-we'll see what tomorrow holds. But for today results are:

Novice Jumpers-clean run, first place, new title
Novice Touch and Go-awesome run but missed a contact :(
Novice Tunnelers-second place (by less than a second) and second leg of title

Zodiac competed in tunnelers and got first in his class and the second leg on his novice title

Tomorrow Legend runs in all the classes plus Zodiac in tunnelers and I'm runny Renny for Cheri in several classes. Should be a busy and fun day.


Sue said...

Wow, great start to the weekend.

Diana said...

That's great!! Diana