Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Big Kahuna

After Spring died I really missed my giant rabbit.  Summer has a ton of character (too much, really) and is very pretty and outgoing but is only medium sized.  Plus she's pretty active and we thought she would like a companion as rabbits do great in pairs. 

So we got a new baby.  Meet Kahuna, a nine week old Flemish Giant!

As baby bunnies tend to be, he is sweet and cuddly and of course, beyond adorable.  And naturally, Summer hates him.  She already bit him on the face through the cage bars.  Rough day for little Kahuna. 

So now they are separated by two gates.  I knew they might not like each other right away, it took a long time for Holly to like Wiggles, but I was hoping since he was a baby she would not be so hateful.  Hopefully they learn to like each other soon because he is going to grow up fast and I won't have room for 2 big bunny pens!  But first he needs to be litter trained and neutered.  Good news though, he's using his litter and hay box as his safe place so hopefully that will get him started on the right track. 

I haven't weighed him yet but he should reach almost 20 lbs full grown!


VetVoyeur said...

Wow, very handsome!

Diana said...

Very cute. Wow, I had no idea that rabbits got up to 20lbs.

LauraK said...

What a cutie! Looking forward to seeing pictures of him growing up- great name :)

Melinda Wichmann said...

Hmmm . . . not letting Phoenix see this post. He would want a bunny as well as a cat. I can't imagine a 20 lb. rabbit either, that would be fun to cuddle.

Love your new header pic!