Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 10: Tahoe

If you have not been to Lake Tahoe I suggest you go.  This is the best place we have been so far and the one we would make an effort to go back to. Except we would go in the summer when it's not cold and snowy.

We did a little shopping this morning and then took a cruise on the lake.  The views from the boat were great and we got a close up look at Emerald Bay and the only island in Lake Tahoe-which is really not much more than a big rock.
This is the island
The view from in the bay

But the views from the drive above the bay were even more spectacular.

We wanted to go hiking but in addition to all the parks and recreation areas being closed for the season, the trails were covered in snow.  Like two feet of snow, as you can see below.  This is the deepest snow I have ever been in!
Legend didn't see any problem with this though, she was light enough that she didn't sink too deep and was having a fantastic time sprinting around while we were getting soaking wet up to our knees!

We stopped at this beach on the way back to our hotel.  Technically dogs weren't allowed, but it's closed for the season and we saw several other dogs while we were there so I guess no one really cares as long as it's winter.  
 Poor Legend had now been posed on every rock and log west of the Mississippi I think!  She's a pretty good sport though.

Our plan after this was to go to Yosemite but it looks like we will be skipping that too.  Although some of the park is open, I think most of the hiking trails are closed.  Plus the roads to get there currently have travel restrictions due to snow.  Evidently it's still winter here.  Who knew?  It's 90 at home.


Elizabeth said...

Great picture of Legend with her paws up on the log..

Kathy said...

I really wish we had been at the point we could have qualified this year, esp since I live in CA...bummer, looks like a cool place, so glad you got to go -that is so cool and it really looks like a great place to visit! Love your pictures!