Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 11: More Driving

We did one final check this morning and it seems all of the travel restrictions had been lifted for the Sierra Nevada region we were wanting to travel.  So we were able to end up crossing the mountains after all.  But we decided that instead of going to Yosemite we would skip that and continue on further south and go to Sequoia National Forest instead.  There were two reasons for this.  One-it's closer to our next destination and two-in a national forest you can take your dog on the trails but in a national park they pretty much have to stay in the car or the parking areas.

The drive here through the mountains and rolling ranch country was beautiful but we didn't stop much.  We got a late start since we needed to get some laundry done before we left Tahoe.  But here are a few pics from along the drive.  This is by far not the best mountain view we passed, but it's where we happened to stop.


LauraK said...

I've been "following" your trip, and what a fun journey you've had with your pup! Looks like you've enjoyed playing agility and visiting all sorts of beautiful places! Congrats on going to Nationals- what an accomplishment!

andrea said...

wow Beautiful!